Board of Directors

Mem­bers are wel­come to attend all Board meet­ings. Our meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 1 PM at the Mountain View Clubhouse.

Each meeting will start with a call to the audience where the audience may bring an item to the Boards attention.  Following Robert’s Rules, the Board may only listen and not respond at the meeting.  If you have an issue you wish the Board to direct, please contact the president 15 days prior to the meeting to be placed on the Agenda. Please provide a summary of the issue and request it to be added to the agenda.

Board minutes are available to all members upon request to the secretary.


Kathleen Dunbar
520 395 2920 

Vice President
Ken Wentz
520 369 4509

Janine Wahlfeld
619 838 7080

Don Richey
520 829 1998

Safety Committee
Dan Grossman
520 818 3525

Donna Bauman
520 544 3827

Sponsorship and Special Events
Trudy Rossi
520 225 0275

Diane Aaron
520 825 7281

Al Goldberg
520 818 3208

Director (Data Base Manager)
Dave Jeffery
520 818 2433