Become a Dog Park Member

Your dog will love the SaddleBrooke Dog Park! You’ll meet many new friends, both two legged and four legged. There are separate parks for small dogs and big dogs, making everyone’s experience safer and more pleasurable.

The Small Dog Park is open to dogs 30 lbs. and under. Larger dogs must visit the Large Dog Park. Small dogs may enter the Large Dog Park at their own risk.

Peak Park attendance is between 3:30 – 5:30 pm in the winter (later in the summer due to heat). Both Parks have a regular morning gathering around 7:00 am (earlier in summer). If your dog is shy or prefers to exercise alone, you may want to come at other times. New members may want to visit in advance of the crowds (around 2:30-3:00 pm) to allow your dog to meet “the regulars” one by one as they enter.

Print and complete the application below and return it with your membership dues and current proof of rabies vaccination to Donna Bauman, Membership Chair. There is a drop-off box in front of her home.  Her phone number is 544-3827 to make arrangements to turn in paperwork and to receive you park entrance key.

The SaddleBarker is our bi-monthly newsletter emailed to dog park members.  We provide dog park updates, celebrate dog birthdays and provide helpful news articles and event information. Kathleen Dunbar, our president keeps park members informed by email.  You will receive emails regarding watering schedule changes, park closures for maintenance, and  any other issues that might concern park members. Please keep the Membership Chair up to date with your email for communication purposes.

New Membership Form

Life Membership Form

Short Term Visitors & Renters Policy

SaddleBrooke’s short term visitors and renters are welcome to enjoy Dexter’s Place but you must complete a Temporary MembershipFor membership information, use the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page and allow a 4 business day response time.

Temporary Membership Form

A Hosted Visit to the Park

You’re welcome to a one-time visit to Dexter’s Place before you join to determine if your dog will enjoy the park. Below is a list of volunteer members who would love to introduce you to our beautiful park & friendly members (dogs & people!) Contact one of them to schedule a convenient time to meet!

Kathleen Dunbar, President
395-2920     (big and small dogs)

Donna Bauman, Membership
544 3827    (big and small dogs)

Terry Johnson (Small Dogs)
503 710 1364

Darlene Weprich
770 448 5660 (big and small)

Park entrance is located at the corner of S Sandcrest and Clubhouse drive. Please park at the DesertView Performing Arts Center. Members must be SaddleBrooke residents or have a renter’s card.

You must provide current proof of rabies vaccination to the volunteer before entering the park.

All visitors must review the Park Rules (posted on this website) prior to visiting the Park.


Guest dogs are welcome at Dexter’s Place accompanied by a member in good standing. It is the responsibility of SaddleBrooke Dog Park member hosting the visit to check for current rabies vaccinations before allowing guest dogs in the park. Maintaining a healthy environment for our dogs is critical.

Guest dogs may visit the park 3 times before being required to join the Park as Short Term Residents/Renters.