SaddleBrooke Dog Park Etiquette & Rules

Park use is subject to the following Etiquette & Rules 


A Dog Park is where your leash-less pet is free to sniff, run, and socialize with other dogs. But like any social activity, it’s important to know basic rules of etiquette. In this case, it’s not just a matter of a social faux pas—failing to comply can put your dog and other pets at risk. An hour at the dog park is like a dozen walks on a leash in terms of physical and mental benefits for your pet. By following the suggestions below, you and your dog should have enjoyable times in the SaddleBrooke Dog Park.

ENTERING THE DOG PARK:   We have a double entrance. The first is where you take your dog off leash. It is imperative that you pause to look around and if there are 20 dogs swarming the gate, don’t enter the park.  A pause will also allow other pooches to get used to yours and not go hyper when you do enter. If there are dogs swarming the gate, you have every right to ask their owners to get control of their dogs and let yours in.

People Socialization: One of the benefits of a Dog Park, is that it becomes a great place to make new friends and socialize. Unfortunately, this leads to the canines being unattended.

                                                                                                                  Know when your dog has pooped so you can scoop!

What should you do if a fight breaks out? Despite your best efforts, it can happen. Make sure you’re ready and give it a moment. Most doggie duels end as quickly as they started.

  • If they go at it for more than a few seconds, try to squirt them with a hose or water bottle. If they’re still fighting after about 5 seconds, you and the other owner should approach the dogs from the rear. Gently grab their back legs at the top of the leg and lift them up like a wheelbarrow then start moving back. Don’t reach for the collar. Your dog could bite you by reflex.
  • After any altercation, leave the park. Your dog must learn this is not acceptable behavior. Time-out works!

FIRST TIME VISIT: If you have not been to a dog park before, or new to SaddleBrooke, it is always best to come at a time when the park is not in heavy use.  Morning from 6-8 AM and afternoons from 3-5PM are busy. Bring your dog at a less active time to become familiar with the new environment.

KNOW WHEN TO GO TO THE PARK: If your dog has an attitude, go for a walk and let them get over it, before entering the park. Don’t go to the dog park if your furry pal isn’t current on vaccinations.  Dogs that are not spayed or neutered are not good candidates for a dog park.

Puppies: Rabies vaccinations are given at 4 months. No dog may enter the park without a Rabies Vaccination. Puppies who have not completed all vaccinations may be exposed to diseases their immune system is not prepared to fight.

A Supportive Culture: Help other members, especially new members, feel welcomed in the park. Always give suggestions with grace and kindness. Please adhere to the Code of Ethics for all SaddleBrooke Residents. The use of profane or abusive language will not be tolerated. If someone is trying to be helpful, accept the comments with grace. If you have a small dog in the large Dog Park and a member comes and suggest you leave, you should comply. They know their dog and are probably trying to avoid conflict. If you fill a swimming pool for your dog, it is your responsibility to empty it. We don’t leave sitting water in AZ.. It is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Click here for a printable copy:  Etiquette


Revision Adopted May 9, 2018

We strive to maintain a beautiful park for both human and dog.  You may be new to a dog park and while at first glance the rules appear strict, they are in place to maintain a safe environment for everyone who uses the park. In fact, most dog parks employ the same rules.  The reason is simple, they work. Our goal is to keep everyone safe, healthy and happy.

All activity inside the park is at your own risk and the members and the Board of Directors of the SaddleBrooke Dog Park association will be held harmless for pet injury, injury to any person (s) or loss of property.

  1. Clean-up after your dog!!! There are receptacles provided.  We maintain a healthy environment for our dogs and feces presents a health risk to other dogs and humans.
  2. If you see the receptacle is full, change it. If you see waste, pick it up. This is a volunteer run amenity and everyone is responsible. We do not have paid maintenance to clean up after you or your dog.
  3. Aggressive Dogs must be leashed and removed immediately. This may include snarling, growling, snapping or other signs of negative physical behavior. Remember, dogs have moods too. It is better to remove your dog before an incident occurs.  If you see that your dog does not appear to like another dog, make arrangements with that owner to come at different times.
  4. Should an incident occur, there is an INCIDENT REPORT FORM on the web page. Please fill it out completely.  It then goes to the Chair of the Safety Committee.  The Committee takes into account all information and makes their recommendation to the Board.
  5. (No member of the safety committee may participate in any case in which their dog is involved in the incident under review.)
  6. All dogs entering the park must show evidence of current Rabies vaccinations. It is Arizona State Law that all Dogs are vaccinated for Rabies. Dog Park Members must provide renewal vaccination certificates to the Membership Chairman.
  7. While Rabies is the only vaccination we demand remain current, we highly recommend you keep all other vaccinations up to date such as Parvo.
  8. Female dogs in heat are not allowed in the park. Sick or injured dogs are not allowed in the park.
  9. Remove your dog’s leash in the de-leashing area. Do not enter the park with your dog on a leash.
  10. Limit 3 dogs per handler.
  11. Supervise your dog(s) at all times.
  12. Excessive barking is not allowed.
  13. Pinal County has a Leash Law. Legally, the only time your dog is allowed off leash is inside the park.
  14. If you are leaving the park and see someone coming down the ramp, wait before you exit the park. If you are entering the park and you see someone leaving, wait at the top of the ramp. Dogs on a leash in a tight area (such as the sidewalk) might get snippy with each other. Pay attention to your surroundings.
  15. The SaddleBrooke Dog Park is for SaddleBrooke residents only. If you bring a guest, all rules apply.
  16. Food is prohibited in the park.

Click here for a printable copy: Rules