Welcome to the SaddleBrooke Dog Park 

Annual Meeting February 8th, 2018 

1 PM – 3 PM 

HOA2  Sonoran Room

Everyone Welcome!!!!

The Dog Park is a private facility maintained for the enjoyment of SaddleBrooke residents and their dogs.
The park is located at the corner of South Sandcrest St. & Clubhouse Drive. 
A code number or key card is required for entry to the dog park. 

For membership details or to arrange a hosted visit, click the New Membership box. The annual fee for the park is $65 dollars a year. New members pay a small initiation  fee which covers your key for park entrance.

All dog park members must be residents or present a renters card for dog park membership. We are not sponsored by Robson Communities and you are not able to join the park at the HOA ONE or HOA TWO offices. The park is totally self funded and it is our members and sponsors that pay for park maintenance. Our Board is made up of all volunteers.  Donna Bauman is the Membership Chair and will meet you at the park for an orientation, gather required rabies certificate, payment and provide you with a key.  Her telephone number is 544-3827.  Because we are volunteers and periodically take vacations, there is a list of individuals who can do park orientations on the New Membership page should you not receive an immediate response from Donna. 

Welcome to the SaddleBrooke Dog Park.  We know you and your dog (s) will enjoy our beautiful park.

Thank you and Welcome!

Kathleen Dunbar
SaddleBrooke Dog Park