A Dog Park is where your leash-less dog is free to sniff, run, and socialize with other dogs.  An hour at the dog park is like a dozen walks on a leash in terms of physical and mental benefits for your four-legged-pal.

The SaddleBrooke Dog Park is an all volunteer organization.  We are not funded by Robson, HOA 1 or HOA 2.  Our  Members pay for all park maintenance and park improvements.

Information on how to join, our rules & etiquette, incident report forms,  board members, dog training & events are a just click away.

Welcome to the SaddleBrooke Dog Park where you will meet wonderful dogs
and some great people too.

About Us

We offer a LARGE DOG park (dogs 30 pounds plus) & a SMALL DOG Park (dogs under 30 pounds)

Our dog parks are located on Sandcrest off Club House Drive.  We welcome HOA One & HOA Two residents. Membership is $100 a year

Temporary Memberships are available for part-time visitors for $15 a month.

We also offer a LIFETIME Membership for $750.  (This is for your life, not your dog's life.)

Riley's Place

Riley's Place is a multi -purpose park located within the SaddleBrooke Dog park. It is a place for our Senior Dogs who do not like the rambunctiousness  of younger dogs.  We also offer obedience training classes with professional Dog Trainers for all SaddleBrooke residents. This area is considerably smaller than the other two parks. We realize that our older dogs still like to smell and roll in the grass. The park is named after Riley Mersy, who lived to be 17 years and 4 months and lived the life of Riley...

Social Acitivities

Every year we host a Halloween Party for our dogs and people...we also have FUN raisers during the year to get together as friends and raise funds to support our park.

We now have Dog Training Classes in Riley's Place, our Multi-Purpose Senior Dog Park.


Leslie Hawkins on left
Donna Bauman on right

How to Join

Leslie Hawkins (509 947 1838)

Donna Bauman (520 544 3827)
are our Membership Chairs and Dog Park Board Members.  (Leslie is also Board Secretary)

RABIES:  Linda Lewis and Diane Foster are responsible for making sure all Rabies Certificates are current. We do not allow dogs in the park without current Rabies Vaccinations.   Contact them as follows:

For last names starting with A-K:

Linda Lewis 928-580-1001



For last names starting with L-Z:

Diane Foster  760-703-2020



Please download the appropriate application form from the link above HOW TO JOIN, fill it out, and call TO SCHEDULE A TIME TO GO OVER RULES pay your dues, and submit your application and Rabies Certificate.

PLEASE REMEMBER ...we are all volunteers. This is the  Membership Committee who will take your application:

Donna Bauman: 520 544 3827

Email: donnabauman@gmail.com


Leslie Hawkins: 509 947 1838

Email:  Hawkins.leslie.a@gmail.com 

If you are not sure your dog is a candidate for the park... We offer Host Visits for people who would like to see how their dog (s) like our park. You are invited to call any of the Dog Park Ambassadors listed below to schedule a time for a meet and greet.

Al Goldberg           520 818 3208
Darlene Weprich
 770 448 5660

Terry Johnson (small dog park)  503 710 1364


The Rules

Please familiarize yourself with the Rules and  Dog Park Etiquette

PLEASE Remember...

PICK-UP AFTER YOUR DOG...it's not just the polite thing to do, it is the LAW!  When the poop container is filling up, please empty it into the large garbage can. 

Do not leave sitting water in the pools or water dishes.  It is a health risk and a magnet for breeding mosquitoes. 

Please keep the chairs off the grass.  We have designated seating areas and ask that you enjoy those areas.


Message from our President

Welcome to our park. We are an all volunteer organization and welcome your talents.  When you join, our Data Base Manager, Dave Jeffery (818 2433) will send you a Directory. The 2nd page has a list of Board Members and their area of responsibility.  If you see an issue in the park, please call the person responsible.

We invite you to get involved and do something you enjoy. We can always use the help!

Thank you for making our parks the best dog park in town!!! 

Kathleen Dunbar


Some of Our Sponsors for dogs


People Product Sponsors


Our Partners


Our Realtor Sponsors with Long Realty


Welcome our new sponsor: The Moore Team

The SaddleBrooke Dog Park community would like to welcome a new sponsor ~ The Moore Advantage Team! It is said that great minds think alike and when you combine the essence of this dynamic real estate mother/daughter team, Dorothy and Lauren, you realize the benefits of their more than 28 years of real estate experience. Long-time SaddleBrooke residents, their goal is to develop a lasting relationship with each client that goes beyond the real estate transaction. Lauren & Dorothy not only work in SaddleBrooke but also several of the surrounding communities. We are grateful that Lauren & Dorothy recognize the great asset the dog park is to SaddleBrooke. They were happy to join with our other sponsors, the Board, and our members to keep our 4-legged pals enjoying one of the best dog parks...EVER!!! Please, when you see these ladies around SaddleBrooke, thank The Moore Advantage Team for becoming a dog park sponsor. Trudy

The Moore Team (png)


Our Sponsors

Please download the following list and thank all our sponsors for supporting the SaddleBrooke Dog Park

Sponsors (pdf)


Have a Question

Send Messaged to K.dunbar@Reagan.com

SaddleBrooke Dog Park

Park Hours

Open every day, year-round, from dawn to dusk.