The 2019 Summer Series of Dog Obedience Classes

The Summer Series of Dog Obedience Classes start Monday, May 20th for 5 weeks

The classes will be held in Riley’s Place in the SaddleBooke Dog Park. You enter the park off the ball field on the new ramp that leads right to the dog park. The dog park will have the play pools available for the dogs to cool too if you like!

  • 8AM Beginning Agility Introduction to Agility for beginners (puppies over 8 months)
  • 9AM Intermediate Obedience (Dogs who have passed Beginners or had some basic beginning training. They should be able to sit and stay)
  • 10AM Agility (For dogs who have had some experience running the course)

Agility training for dogs is an obstacle course that consists of:  Weave Poles, Dog walk, Standard jumps, Pause table, Tunnel, Tire jump, and a teeter.

You do not need to be a member of the Dog Park to participate in Obedience Classes; however, you must be an HOA1 or HOA2 resident. We do this as a community service to all SaddleBrooke Residents and their four-legged pals…

You must register and pay before classes begin. The cost for 5 weeks is $160. Checks are made out to The Complete Canine and may be dropped of at Kathleen Dunbar’s home. There is an envelope inside the designated Dog Park Box marked The Complete Canine for checks.   (Please email Kathleen Dunbar & she will send you her street address.)   

Questions? Please call or email: Kathleen, 395-2920;

Agility for Dogs - Learn More

Agility is a dog’s way to have fun and a great activity for you to do with your dog! Dog agility training for beginners can be intimidating, but this sport can be beneficial to you, your dog, and the bond you share.  It is truly one of the best ways to get a dog to behave better, stay fit and even calm down. 


Jeremy Brown specializes in positive reinforcement training, socialization, therapy dog training, and building a positive relationship and bond between canines and their humans. As a therapy dog team, Jeremy sees the impact that his two therapy dogs have on humans with each visit; they visit hospitals, listen to children read, and reach out to at-risk youth. He also sees the positive effects his therapy dogs have on kids and adults who are struggling with tough situations. 

The Complete Canine

Are you interested in private in home work?


 If so, Jeremy Brown will be available on Monday afternoons. You can work on one issue one time (for example: escaping through the front door or jumping on guests);  or you can have a series of private lessons.   

For this, you must contact Jeremy Brown with The Complete Canine at:  403-1401. 

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training


Rattlesnake Avoidance Training with  Jay Smith 

Wednesday, April 3,10,24 and  Thursday, May 9 & 23, 2019

Thursday, June 6 & 20, 2019

Location:  The Preserve Club House Parking Lot


7AM –Orientation 

This will last for 15 minutes to go over techniques and what to expect. Only dogs over 10 months are invited.  If you are curious about the process, come and learn. 

To reserve a spot: Please call HEATHER 520 909 0519 Leave a voice message with your name and how many dogs. (Limit 5 dogs each week)


$85 per dog


Note:  Please Bring a chair (for you) and water for both you and your dog. This is for new tests only. Retests will be announced at a later date.