There are 3 options to becoming a Member...

1.  We offer an Annual Membership which is $100 per year (effective January 1, 2019).
New Members pay the Initiation Fee of $35 and $10 for your access key. Once you pay the initiation fee of $35,

you never pay the fee again.

2.  We offer a Lifetime Membership.  

You can pay a one time fee of $750 and never be billed again. This covers the member and his or her partner for your life (as long as you live in  SaddleBrooke), not the dog’s life.

3.  If you are a Winter Visitor, or a resident who has guests with a dog, we offer a Temporary Membership.  You must have a SaddleBrooke address.  

The cost is $15 per month and you gain access to the park through a key code that you punch in. 

Download the appropriate form


Membership NEW Application 2019 (pdf)


Membership LIFE Application 2019 (pdf)


Membership TEMP Application 2019 (pdf)